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Geico 500 - 10/19/14

Michael Waltrip's Jay Robinson Racing #66 MyAFibStory.com Toyota finished 16th in the Geico 500, today's Sprint Cup race at Talladega Superspeedway. The car was loose early in the day but ultimately lacked speed. His drivers Clint Bowyer and Brian Vickers finished 3rd and 20th respectively.

The call to start engines came at 2:08pm ET. Brian started from the pole position, and Clint and Mikey rolled off the grid 33rd and 34th respectively.

Spotter Jeremy Brickhouse asked crew chief Chad about spotting on pit road. Chad asked him to repeat.

"The 22's pit box right there is ten away. So do you want me to hand it to you there, or when you get up on top of your box and get a visual there. Whatever's easiest for you, calling him in," Je

Mikey came on the radio next. "All right, everything's running. Everyone all good?"

"10-4, Michael. Looking forward to a good day here," Jeremy replied.

"One thing that I want to remind everybody is, if I'm hobbling on the front straightaway, then left air pressure seems to help. That's what I felt on Friday." Mikey said he didn't know how others were affected, but the air pressure adjustment seemed to help. "What's the fan situation?"

He was told no radiator fan unless he needs it under caution.

"Okay. I wasn't listening, but now I got it. Sometimes I do that."

Chad also said he could leave the rear fan on the entire time. "All right, Brickhouse. You got me, bud?"

"Yes, sir. 10-4."

Spotter and crew chief figured out who would spot Mikey where on pit road. Jeremy said he would let people know if someone was coming around the #66. Pit road speed was 4600 or 4650.

"All right, Chad. NASCAR was talking to us. 4600," Jeremy said.

Jeremy and Chad then did a radio check on channel 2.

"Think you're at pit road speed this time," Jeremy said. "4600 and second."

"Okay. 10-4 on that," Mikey replied.

Chad said he would keep an eye on things in the pits and on the front stretch. "Be safe, drive a good race as you always do."

"I really want to say thank you to the Jansen team. It's really good that they wanted to put the MyAFibStory.com on the car." Mikey talked about how it's a dear cause in his heart due to his mother. He also thanked MWR for giving him a fast car. "We'll try to keep it in the mix today."

"10-4. One to go at the line. One to go at the line," Jeremy said.

"What did they do wrong? What was that all about?" Mikey asked.

He was told that the two cars that had dropped to the back had done so for an engine change and an unapproved adjustment. Matt Kenseth had the new engine, and Brad Keselowski had a new alternator.

"If they keep pulling people out of line, I'm going to be leading here in a minute," Mikey replied.

"Coming to the green, coming to the green," Jeremy said. "Have some fun, man."

"All right, buddy. Have a good and safe race today, man," Chad added.

"Pace car's off. Nice and smooth. Let's be ready. Let's be ready. Green green green. Rolling rolling rolling rolling. It's good."

Brian led the field to the green flag at 2:21pm.

"All good in front of you. You're all clear. Got one slow here on the bottom. It's the 99. Got the 14 behind you. You're all clear. Got one coming outside. Still got the field. The 20 and them guys will be coming here. Still all clear."

Jimmie Johnson pulled out in front of Brian and led the first lap. Brian was now 3rd and Clint and Mikey held their starting spots. Lap 3 saw Ryan Blaney take the lead.

"Got the field behind you, man. They're not coming; they're just cruising. Still got the field. Clear all around. 24 is the only thing coming back there, working that top. The 5 car is behind him. Got the 14 behind you and the 99. You're clear. All single file behind you. Still all clear, bud. You're going to be three wide right there. Back to two wide. 22's behind you. You're clear all around right there. Coming up in the middle there."

On lap 7, Brian dropped to 18th. Mikey was 28th, and Clint was 32nd.

"Still three. I got the field. Still three. A couple of them coming here. 14's up top coming outside. Two wide. He's up top."

Mikey was 27th on lap 8. Blaney continued to lead.

"2 and the 22 behind that 32 there. Behind you now. Coming up the middle, three-wide. The 22 is going to be with him, trying to hang with him. The 13's three back behind him. Still got seven or eight cars behind you. All clear."

"A little loose on exit," Mikey reported. "A little bit loose."

"10-4, 10-4," Chad replied.

"He said 10-4, bud. 10-4."

Mikey said something about the steering on the front straightaway too.

"10-4, Michael," Chad replied.

"Clear all around."

"We'll put thirty in the left rear and take another pound out of the right rear."

Mikey was 35th on lap 11.

"Still all clear. Three wide, three wide. The middle is open there. 10 outside up top. 36 two or three behind you there."

Mikey was 24th on lap 14. Blaney was still leading. He was 23rd the next time around the track.

"You're clear all around, bud. About four or five up top. 36 is trying to get to your outside. He's running the middle. There he comes. Clear all around. Coming up the middle there, two of them. 36 coming outside. 14's going to be behind him. You're all clear by about two. 15 behind you. There are still about eight or nine behind you."

On lap 17, Mikey was 28th. Jimmie Johnson was now in the lead.

"That 47 is going to be coming inside. Inside 47."

Mikey was 33rd on lap 19.

"The 55 is coming. You still got about eight behind you."

"Tell him it's twenty laps when you get the chance," Chad told the spotter.

"It's right there. Twenty. Five behind you. Five cars. The 18, the 20, the 24. Guys like that."

Mikey was 34th on lap 20. He was 37th one lap later; Brian and Clint had passed him.

"You're clear.:

Mikey said something on the radio that neither spotter nor crew chief heard. He then said, "Just wobbles all over the place."

"Copy," Chad replied. "We're all set with a pound out of the left rear, a pound in the right, and the inner liners, right?"

Mikey's response was obscured by engine sounds, except for the last sentence: "It's more aggravating on the straightaways."

"Tell him 10-4 when he comes around," Chad said.

Brad Keselowski led lap 27. Mikey was 30th, having passed both his drivers.

"Caught a lapped car, the 49. He's all over the place. He's on the bottom off of 2," Jeremy warned. "Clear all around. 24's behind you. Clear all around. 47 and them coming up the top here. Still one or two back. 24's behind you. I'm with you. I've got the field."

Mikey was 31st the next time around the track.

"Still about ten to a stop, Brickhouse. Still looks like we'll pit on lap 28 and it'll be lap 29 leaving pit road," Chad said.

"10-4. Still about ten to a stop," Jeremy relayed.

Johnson took the lead again on lap 29. Mikey was 27th.

"43's about a half back. You're good. He's coming. Clear low, one outside."

Mikey was 25th on lap 32.

"Just keep your eyes pealed for people pitting. They're going to be doing it all over the place. You can go as far as 41 laps," Chad said.

"10-4," Jeremy replied.

Mikey was 23rd on lap 33.

"Keep your eyes pealed for people pitting here, Michael. It'll be happening shortly

"I don't know. Maybe more pressure all around. It seems to have gotten a little bit better now that we've run awhile," Mikey suggested.

"Copy." Chad then said they had about three more laps.

"Three-wide right here. 14 with him and the 98. Three-wide. Two-wide. 43 on the bottom."

Mikey was 24th on lap 34.

"About fifteen or so behind you. It's clear. We'll be pitting this time."

"All right, Brickhouse, the 88 is doing the same pit sequence as us, but they're way ahead of us, so they shouldn't be there when we get there. Tell him he's pitting this time."

Jeremy relayed the message. "You're clear, clear low. The 5 will be there. Clear low. 41's outside."

"Pit this time. Pit this time."

"We're going to be pitting this time, Mike. Pit this time, buddy."

"We've got to come around the 34, come around the 34," Chad warned.

Jeremy and Chad led Mikey to the pit box.

"Four tires and fuel, track bar," Chad added once the #66 was in the box. "Go go go go go. 46, 46. Push him, push him."

"46, 4600 and second. Blend line off of 2."

Denny Hamlin led during stops.

"Got a single car entering 1 now. Entering 2. Centre of 2. All clear off of 2 now, fifteen back."

Hamlin pit, and Tony Stewart took the top spot.

"49 lined up behind you."

Mikey said something I couldn't understand.

"I don't know. They're getting crazy up front."

Jeremy then asked Mikey to repeat what he said.

Mikey repeated what he said, and I caught the end. "Give me some updates, spotter."

Jeremy told Mikey how they were getting crazy in the front of the field.

"Pack's running 4940's. You're running 50 flat," Chad said.

"It's all good," Mikey replied. "We'll be fine. We'll see about the 24. 14. Sorry about that."

Stewart continued to lead on lap 44. Brian was 8th, Clint was 35th, and Mikey was 40th. Chad assured him they still had a long way to go.

Kasey Kahne took the lead one lap later. Mikey was still 40th, significantly off the pace with no help. The pack was catching him.

Mikey said something about the 31. "He's pretty strong."

Jamie McMurray took the lead on lap 50.

"49 is pulling off. He's going to pit road. Let's see what this 31 will do for us."

"But we can't do what he's doing. Woo!" Chad added.

Jeremy said he thought the #49 may have been bogging them down. He and Chad agreed that the #31 was pretty strong and was running faster on his own than the #66 was.

"Tell me if the 49 starts running faster than me," Mikey said. Mike Wallace was in the #49.

Chad said they were running the same times, and the #49 was just coming off pit road.

"No shit. I said tell him if he's going faster than me."

"Same lap time." After a long pause, Chad said, "You run a tenth and a half faster than him that time."

"At the line now," Jeremy warned. "You're a tenth and a half faster that lap than the 49."

"Brickhouse, we need to get those two together. They were definitely faster running together."


"We'll get there in a minute," it sounded like Mikey said.

"That was a tenth and a half faster for both of you," Jeremy said after the #49 and #66 were running together on lap 55. "The leader at the line." A while later, he added, "They're looking for debris. NASCAR is. They're wrecking off of 4. Caution's out. They're down low in the grass. Caution's out, bud."

The first caution was on lap 59. Jamie McMurray's #1 got loose and spun. Josh Wise received the free pass.

"Track looks clear. I don't see any debris."

Mikey said something that Chad asked him to repeat. Mikey said he'd said nothing.

Chad said they could get topped off with fuel.

"Still drives like shit," Mikey said. "Loose."

"10-4." Chad called for fuel and a wedge adjustment.

"I, uh... I have to pee," Mikey announced.


"What do you reckon I do?"

"Well, I remember what you used to do."

"Okay. That's an option."

"I don't want to be the one to tell you that, but I don't know what to tell you."

"There was a couple of things. It feels classic loose, like whatever you would do for a loose car. And then it's wobbly. But I really don't know if the two are related. Because the loose is a normal loose."

Chad asked if they'd helped it at all the last stops. "It's hard to tell running single car and two car."

"Yeah, you're right, but a couple times, it just cleared up all the turns when I gave it a little input. By myself, it wiggled more than it should have. I guess everyone was loose too."

"4600 when we get here."

"I'll go one more. I'll get there in a minute. If I was going to figure this out, I don't know." He said something about the geometry. "It just doesn't drive good. Any time I run here, it just drove good. It wobbles, it's loose. It doesn't do anything that makes you want to be happy. That's what it feels like to me."

Chad called for four tires, wedge, and a right front changer. "Pull a sixteenth of packer out of the right front. Red handle. Red handle pull."

"Do whatever you want," Mikey said. "It's not happy."

"10-4, Michael."

Chad also called for two rounds of track bar down. The #66 pit with one lap to the green.

Mikey asked what caused the wreck, and Jeremy told him.

Racing resumed on lap 64. Johnson led, Mikey was 34th, Brian was 25th, and Clint was 27th.

"Pace car's off," the spotter said next. "Be ready. Nice and smooth here. Starting to roll. Rolling rolling, it's good. It's good."

"Check his engine fan when you get a chance," Chad requested.

"Three-wide. Clear high. Just inside. Make sure your radiator fan is off.

Mikey was 24th on lap 70.

"16, 98 behind you," said his spotter.

Mikey complained about his spotter. Jeremy said he couldn't hear what he said, and that was probably a good thing. Mikey added, "Try really hard to focus and to do a better job, it would be nice."

"Just hang in there, Brickhouse," Chad said. "He's just mad."

"10-4. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Still out there. The 16 is going to come to his outside and make it three-wide right here. You're clear right there. One back to the 3 car. Got one outside. The 3 is. About four back to the 5 car behind you."

On lap 73, Mikey was 23rd. Two laps later, he was 26th; Dale Earnhardt Jr took the lead this lap.

"The 24's about three back behind you. You're clear right there. You still got about sixteen cars behind you. It's all clear, bud."

Mikey was 25th on lap 76.

"You're clear, all clear. Still three-wide. Clear low. Clear high. You're clear, clear. Three-wide. You're clear low. 21 behind the 9 there. Three-wide right here. Three. Still three. Three. Just two-wide. 33's outside."

On lap 79, Mikey was 18th.

"Two of them behind you, then about sixteen or seventeen behind him. Still one outside, the 98."

Mikey was 20th on lap 80.

"The 42 is pulling your lane right here. The 98 is trying to come up the middle. He's making it three-wide here, the 98. Three-wide. 21 in the middle, 3 up top. Three-wide behind you as well. Still three. Just two-wide. Three-wide, three-wide. Still three-wide. The 5 car is behind that 98. 22 26 14 behind you. Still three-wide. The 5 car is behind you now. Still three-wide, still three. Still three-wide. Still three-wide. Two-wide with the 40 in the middle. Three-wide behind you. You're clear right there. 5 car's two back behind you. You got a slow one - the 1 car off of 4. All clear. Single-file. The 40 and the 5."

Mikey was 16th on lap 83. Earnhardt Jr continued to lead.

"The 40 and the 5 is with you. You're catching that slow car - the 1. You're clear. He's up high. Still lined up behind you. You're clear. 21, 5, 15 behind you."

On lap 85, Mikey was 15th.

"21's coming here. He's got the 5 and the 15. The 15 is going to be the last one, about seven or eight back to your next pack. Still clear."

Mikey was 14th on lap 84 and 17th one lap later. Clint was one of the drivers who had passed him.

"About halfway on the fuel run." Jeremy then warned Mikey about cars outside. "The 20 is about one car behind the 98. The 20 83 22 47, all up on that outside lane there. Still lined up outside."

On lap 89, Mikey was 18th.

"Three-wide, three-wide. Still three, still three. The 40 is going to be behind him. Three-wide. The 23 is up top. Two-wide. There are about five or six in that pack." Jeremy said there was another pack behind them with about seven or eight cars, including Jeff Gordon's #24. "All clear."

Mikey was 24th on lap 91. Clint was 25th, and Brian was 34th. Earnhardt Jr continued to lead.

"7 is about half back from the 23. Three-wide right here. Three-wide. 42's pulling your lane. Two-wide. 7's on the bottom. About five or sixteen back, you've got the 15 14 running the bottom. The 7 is coming up the middle right here. Three-wide. You're clear all around right here. Clear all around. 23 is going to come up the middle. You've got him. He's lined up with you now. Clear all around. About three back to the 15."

On lap 93, Mikey was 21st.

"Still clear all around. The 16 is about three back, two back. 23 outside, 16 behind him. 16 is going to be outside. 32 is behind him."

Mikey was 22nd on lap 95.

"It's going to be three-wide right here. Three-wide. You're catching a lapped car in 1 up high here. Still three-wide here. He's going to be off of 2, up high. Still three. Just got the 32 trying to line up behind you. You're all clear, man."

Mikey was 24th on lap 96.

"The 32's behind him. The 15 is still about three back. Behind you. 32's with you now. Still hanging outside. 43 is up there with the 95 now. Three-wide. 32's with you. Just two-wide. 34's behind the 35. I still got the field here."

Mikey said something that sounded like it had to do with slow cars.

"10-4. All clear. The 3, 32 side-by-side behind you. There's still about fourteen, fifteen cars behind you."

"Brickhouse, we're going to take 105 on track and finish 106 on pit road," Chad said.

"10-4." Then Jeremy told Mikey, "Five or six laps until we pit. You and the 3 are all clear."

On lap 100, Mikey was 27th.

"He's coming outside. Three of them with him, two with him. Some of the guys will be pitting in front of you - the 2, the 12, and them guys. You're all clear."

"Keep your eyes open. Some guys getting up on the wall, bud," Chad said.

Jeremy warned Mikey about cars pitting.

"Three more, Michael. Three more."

"The 55's behind him."

Cars pit on lap 103.

"The 55 is going behind you now.

"Get down get down. Got one inside. You didn't hit anything, did you?"

The second caution was on lap 104. The #43 had turned the #83 into the wall. Other cars collected included the #18, #23, and #14. Clint sustained a little rear end damage, and he and Brian had to make more than one stop for repairs.

The #66 radio went in and out after that, catching only about every other syllable. MWR's Twitter page reported that the #66 "received a little damage during that caution".

Mikey's radio transmission on NASCAR.com continued to experience difficulties when racing resumed on lap 109. Blaney led, Mikey was 28th, Clint 29th, and Brian 33rd. Landon Cassill led a lap, then Earnhardt Jr reclaimed the top spot on lap 111. Mikey was 25th. Two laps later, he was 28th.

Johnson led lap 115. Mikey was 25th; he was 27th three laps later. On lap 121, Mikey was 29th. One lap later, he was back to 27th. He was 24th on lap 126. Meanwhile, Brian lost the lead lap.

"Still 60 laps to go here, Michael. Long way," Chad said when the #66 radio began working properly again on NASCAR.com.

"All clear. Man, I wish you'd just pick a damn lane."

"Well, he needs to figure out what he needs to know for later now."

"Still hanging at your bumper, quarter. Clear high. He's still behind you. The 55's one down, correct?"

"Yeah, 10-4. First car one lap down. That 55 is one down He's just trying to stay in front of the lap down cars."

Mikey was 23rd on lap 129.

"32 still behind you, 36 behind the 15. Then the 3 and the 26. Caution's out, caution's out. Wave them off. It's debris."

The third caution was for debris on lap 131. Michael McDowell hit the wall as well. Brian got the free pass back onto the lead lap.

Chad asked for Mikey's temps.

"Oil is 250, and that's hot. The water's still, like, 210."

"10-4. Did we make any headway with the chassis?"

"Yeah, I don't think that's the main problem. It feels good now. My main problem is lack of speed."

"10-4, Michael." He said they were 19th right now, and they'd have to come around the #40 when they pit. Chad called for a two tire stop. "We've got 55 laps to go. 55."

Mikey said he didn't need tires, but Chad told him to take two.

"Pit road will be open, open."

The #66 took on two tires, fuel, and a right rear adjustment. Meanwhile, Cole Whitt led under yellow.

"It'll be one to go, one to go at the line," Jeremy said. "I believe that's P16. See how that cycled out right here."

Chad confirmed that the #66 was 16th. Whitt went to pit road, and Johnson was now in the lead. Chad said everyone would need to pit again for fuel before the end.

"Coming to the green. Coming to the green. Tires nice and cleaned up here."

Johnson led the lap 135 restart with Mikey running 16th, Clint 23rd, and Brian back on the lead lap in 32nd.

"Pace car's off. Be ready. Nice and smooth, nice and smooth. Starting to roll. Green green green. Rolling rolling rolling rolling. Good. A little side by side behind you. You're clear. That 41 is pushing that 10. He's about a foot off the bumper. Three-wide, three-wide. It'll be three-wide again. You've probably got twenty, twenty-five cars behind you. Got him coming again. Inside, inside. Hole behind the 26. Inside. About ten back, you've got about ten or twelve cars. 47 up top, coming to your outside."

On lap 138, Keselowski took the lead. Mikey was 26th.

"Still hanging out there. Three or four behind him. 24 running in that pack. About five of them behind you. Single file." Jeremy listed the cars lined up behind the #66. You're all clear."

Mikey was 27th on lap 139. Johnson reclaimed the lead.

"31's coming outside. Still all clear. One back to the 55."

Mikey was 28th on lap 141.

"Still got about ten cars behind you. Still outside. 38, 15. 55's behind you. How many to go, Chad?"



"15 says he's going to start making his way to the front here."

Clint was 29th, Mikey 30th, and Brian 31st on lap 145 as Johnson continued to lead.

"Did you copy me?" Chad asked. "Did you copy me on the 15 is going to make his way to the front here?" Chad asked.

"No, I'm sorry. 10-4 at the line. You're clear. The 15 is making a charge to the front here to see what he's got. He's at the line now," Jeremy said.

"Copy," Mikey said amidst static. He was 31st on lap 158.

"Got some slow ones down low here. 47. You're clear. You're all clear. You've got the 18 slow on the tri-oval. He's going to be slow getting into 1 on the bottom. All clear by three."

On lap 153, Mikey was 25th.

"You're clear all around, man. 24 is two back behind you. You're clear all around, bud. 24 and 31 behind that 98. 31 is trying to get out there. Still about seven, eight, nine cars behind you."

"28, 28 laps to go."

"Still outside there. 28 laps to go. 28. About ten cars behind him. 32 is going to be right behind the 55."

Mikey was 29th on lap 159. Two laps later, he was down another spot.

"Brickhouse, right now, we're talking about 174 on track and 175 on pit road. We need to close the gap before we do that though," Chad said.

"10-4," Jeremy replied. "In about ten or twelve laps..." He trailed off. "In about five laps, we'll try to get at least halfway to the middle or something?"

"We just need to be the tail end of that pack before we pit."

"Okay, 10-4. You're all clear. 11 is still behind you." Jeremy then relayed Chad's message about being at the tail end of the lead pack.

Cars were going four-wide with 23 laps to go. Johnson continued to lead, but Danica Patrick was outside for the top spot. With 22 to go, she took the lead.

"It's all good in front of you. It's good. It's fine," Jeremy assured his driver.

Chad told Jeremy they would pit in six laps. The spotter relayed the message and added that others would be pitting sooner.

"Still have about six cars behind you," Jeremy said. "He ain't gonna go."

Mikey was 32nd with 19 laps to go.

"Clear all around. Two back."

"Three laps, three laps til we pit. I'll tell him," Chad said.


Mikey was 31st on lap 170.

"Clear all around. Two back 14."

"We're just going to be doing what the 55 does. I believe the 20 is also on that same agenda."

"10-4. They're saying two laps," Jeremy replied. Mikey was 32nd. "We're going to come with that 55 and the 20 in front of you. We're going to come with those guys."

"I lost the pack. I can't do anymore," Mikey said.

"10-4. I got you. Those guys are pitting here."

With 16 to go, many cars went to pit road.

"We're pitting next time, pitting next time," Chad said.

"15 and 55 - we all want to be pitting right here. We're getting in to 3 now, guys. Be nice and smooth here, getting onto pit road. There will be a bunch of them pitting in front of you." He warned Mikey about Kevin Harvick's #4 spinning out on pit road.

"There was nobody talking to me," Mikey said. "Just let me go ahead and tell y'all I'm not surprised."

Jeremy warned Mikey of a spinning car in the grass. "Caution's out. You're all good, man."

The fourth caution was with 13 laps to go.

"We'll see what you have here when we cycle."

"Nobody talked to me going to the pits, nobody told me when to go. My most important stop of the day," Mikey complained.

Chad apologized and said there was a lot of shit going on.

"There's a lot of shit going on, yes. The biggest stop of the day."

"10-4, Michael. Save your fuel."

"I'm in the back. Do I need more?"

Chad said he should be good and to save fuel.

"Am I a lap down?"

"Right now, but it's going to cycle. The 24 is going to be the leader. It's going to catch up, and everything will be fine."

"I don't believe you know what you're talking about, so that's not really helping me."

Jeremy explained the situation further.

"Well then I'm not a lap down. Am I a lap down or not?"

"No sir."

"I can't see out of my windshield," Mikey reported.

Chad said they decided not to do one, because they were only getting four seconds of fuel.

"That would have been nice to ask the driver if he needed a tearoff, because being able to see helps."

"We have two cars behind us. Come in and take a tear-off, I guess," Jeremy suggested.

Chad told his driver to come in, get topped off, and get a tear-off.

"As long as I'm on the lead lap, that's what I want to do."

Chad confirmed that he was. The #66 went to pit road, and the crew chief also directed the team to clean the hood.

Mikey asked about putting four tires on it, "considering we're last?"

"10-4. We'll come get tires. It'll be ten to go when you get back here. No fuel, guys. Four tires only. Plenty of fuel in it."

"Hey, Chad, we got a too fast exiting," Jeremy said.

Chad confirmed this and said they were coming anyway for four tires. The team led the #66 on and off pit road.

"It'll be nine to go when we get to the green, and we're coming to the green. Get your tires nice and cleaned up here. Coming to the green."

Newman led the restart with 9 laps to go. Mikey was 31st, Clint 7th, and Brian 19th.

"Pace car's off. Be ready. Nice and smooth here. Be ready. Ready. Ready, starting to roll. Green green green. Rolling. Rolling rolling rolling. It's good. It's good in front of you, about fifteen back to your next ones. Bottom and middle's where it's been happening. It's good there. Eight to go, eight more."

Mikey said something about finishing 30th. "So, we'll see what happens."

Mikey was 32nd on lap 180. Newman continued to lead but was blocking three lanes of traffic behind him. Johnson took the lead with 6 to go.

"5 to go at the line. 5 to go."

Newman led with 5 to go.

"Caution's out. Caution's out. Debris. It's all good in front of you."

The yellow flag waved for the fifth time with four laps to go. Mikey was 32nd, Clint 6th, and Brian 31st.

"Pit road is open, open."

The field prepared for a green/white/checkered finish. Brian made a stop. Mikey was 30th, Brian 33rd, and Clint 8th. Newman led.

"Pace car's off. Just be ready. Nice and smooth here. Be ready. Green green green. And we're rolling, rolling, rolling. It's good. 12 and 42, they're lined up with you. Still good. Three-wide, three. I'm sorry, man. They're just checking up in the middle. Come down if you can. Go high. You're clear. Good job. You're clear. Coming to the caution."

The sixth caution was for a multi-car wreck before the white flag. Drivers involved were Earnhardt Jr, David Gilliland, Paul Menard, and Michael Annett.

"I saw it. Everything's good," Jeremy said.

"All good? Michael didn't run over anything or anything?" Chad asked.

"I don't know," Mikey said.

Jeremy said pit road was open, but they were fine on fuel. He asked if they should pit in case they ran over debris.

"We're going to stay out," Chad decided.

The #66 team tried to figure out where Mikey was on the track due to cars halting for the yellow.

"The 26 just passed ten cars," Mikey said.

Jeremy talked about some cars going low when Mikey went high. "NASCAR is talking about it right now."

Chad said some cars were tight on fuel.

"The ones riding on the apron, they think they're okay... or they think they're not okay... I don't know what they think," Mikey replied.

"Have they said anything else about the line-up?" Chad asked.

"Nah, I haven't heard anything yet," Jeremy replied. "Just ride right there. They've got so much going on, I don't think they know. They're talking about the line-up right now. They read one through ten and then just stopped. I'll talk to an official right here. One to go. One to go at the line. Still no line-up."

"Well the 26, 99, and 34 are just passing me," Mikey said.

"42, 34, 66," Jeremy said. "One to go at the line here. 15, 25 he said."

"This is our second attempt, right?" Chad asked.

"Coming to the green, coming to the green."

Keselowski led the second attempt at a green/white/checkered. Mikey was 26th, Brian 27th, and Clint was 6th. Chad said he didn't think this would be the end here because of how the field was driving. Jeremy said he would keep his eyes pealed.

"Be ready. Ready. Ready. Starting to roll. Green green green. Rolling rolling rolling. It's good. It's good. On the apron right there. You're clear low. All the way if you want it, all the way. Three-wide. Three. 48's running this bottom lane here. 15 is running it now. They're fine. Keep coming. Keep coming. Two wide with the 11. You're clear. The middle is open if you want it. THree-wide. Three. Still three. Four-wide. Four, three-wide. There's your white. Three-wide, three. Back to four. One lane. Four wide. Four. Still four. Coming to the checkers. Still four. Four-wide, man. It's fine out front. Four-wide. Keep coming, the middle's fine. Four-wide. 13's about two feet off the 9. 78 still out there. Still high. IT's fine. Keep coming, it's fine. Clear to the middle. That's the checkers right there. Good job, buddy."

"15th," Chad said.

Keselowski won. Mikey was marked in 16th. Clint finished 3rd, and Brian was 20th.


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